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Anise Hyssop Seed

Anise Hyssop Seed

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Anise Hyssop “Licorice Mint”

Agastache foeniculum 

Minimum of 40 seeds per packet

Hardy to zones 6-10

3-4ft tall

Full sun to part shade, with rich moist soil.

Requires light to germinate, sow on surface and tamp gently into soil, germination takes 7-14 days.

Plant 12-18 inches apart.

Purple flowers are a pollinator favorite. Excellent tea herb, enjoy both fresh and dried.

This plant has proven to be hardy in our garden; it benefits from a thick layer of mulch, especially in order to overwinter. A vigorous grower, this plant will branch and grow bushier with trimming. Leaves and flowers are sweet, warming, with a light licorice/anise character.

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