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Cleanse & Restore Tincture

Cleanse & Restore Tincture

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Cleanse & Restore Tincture

 Lymphatic support. Helps to cleanse water in the body and bring vitality to the skin. An excellent blend for transitions - changes in season, routine, and travel.

1 fl oz (30mL) Tincture. A blend of Burdock root^(Arctium lappa), Violet leaf and flower^(Viola spp.), Red Clover flower^(Trifolium pratense), and Maine-grown Ginger root* (Zingiber officinale) infused in Maine distilled grain alcohol*. [ ^Consciously Wildcrafted. *Certified Organic.]

Suggested amount: 20-30 drops in 1oz water 1-2 times/day. Shake well before use. Sediment is natural.

A purposeful blend of spring’s early delicate blossoms, late summer’s pungent spice and autumn’s deep rooted resilience.

Violets and Red Clover splash their soft colors among the early season dew as warmth pools in the morning’s pockets of sunlight. We gather these blooms carefully and begin their infusion immediately.

Burdock’s seed, tumbled from its protective burr and awakened under the springtime sun, extends small ruffled leaves and a supple tap root. By late autumn, the leaves have matured to be broad and heart-shaped and it’s time to carefully dig the sinewy root with its milky-sap core.

Ginger’s slender stems and leaves stretch into the near-tropical heat of a summer greenhouse. Tender crown-like root lobes burrow and expand through the soil until mid autumn when they are gently dug. We process these Maine-grown roots fresh from a human-powered and organic certified farm.

When to reach for Cleanse & Restore:

This preparation is like a dip in a cool, sweet, sunwashed mountain stream for your lymphatic system. This blend is specially crafted to support the immune system when it is gearing up its defenses as well as following an illness to support the return of strength and energy. Seasonal transitions are an excellent time to support the body's natural cleansing pathways. Cleanse and Restore is a wonderful spring tonic.*

This blend supports clearing and nourishing in all of life’s seasons. Violet, Red Clover, and Burdock are revered in many traditions for their unique affinities for nourishing with vitamins and minerals as well as cooling and tending to the water element of the body. These herbs are associated with assisting the flow of lymph which naturally filters and clears the body’s tissues and blood. Studies of these herbs also suggest they have supportive effects on the skin, joints, kidneys, and digestive system. Ginger supports these actions by offering a core-deep warming quality which can help diffuse and move the blood’s vitality to the body’s organs and tissues. Some studies suggest that the pungent nature of ginger helps increase the bioavailability of constituents in other herbal preparations when paired together.*

Consult with a qualified professional for use during pregnancy or with blood thinning medications.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Please refer to our Herbal Disclaimer for more information. This page can be found via the menu above.

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