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Mossy Rock Farm

Dried Apple Slices

Dried Apple Slices

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Dried Wolf River Apple Slices

2 oz. Packed by weight. Grown organically, no spray, and hand processed.


The Wolf River apple tree, which no doubt has stood proudly on this land for generations, grows heavy with its beautiful fruit.

The sweetest culmination of this season’s dewy mornings, warm summer days, roaring wind, and abundant rain.

Often full of birdsong and humming with spring blossom pollinators, it is an ecosystem raised from one trunk. The tree is nestled into the terroir of this little valley, which is defined by the small but mighty creek with its rocky bed. Sung to by the water that sometimes trickles and babbles and sometimes thunders and roars.

The fruit is crisp and sweet and is a delight in all preparations. These dried morsels concentrate the depth of flavor with a satisfying crunch. 

These are excellent as a snack, brewed with an herbal tea or chai blend, or finely grated and garnishing a favorite seasonal treat.

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