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Mossy Rock Farm

Mountain Mint Seed

Mountain Mint Seed

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Mountain Mint

Pycnanthemum virginianum

Minimum of 60 seeds per packet

Hardy to zones 4-8

2-4ft tall

Sun to part shade, in moist soil.

Sow on surface and tamp gently into soil, germination takes about 20 days.

Plant 12-24 inches apart.

Abundant small white flower clusters are a pollinator favorite. Flavorful and aromatic tea and culinary herb.

This has proven to be a hardy mint in our garden, stalks can be trimmed once they die back in the fall or early spring of the second growing season. The plant will sprout and spread from the center. Off shoots that appear in the second year can be dug up with a small amount of roots intact and placed in a new location.

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