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Mossy Rock Farm

Pine Needle Elixir

Pine Needle Elixir

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Pine Needle Elixir

4 fl. oz. (118mL). Fresh Pine Needles^ infused in Maine-made Apple Cider Vinegar* and Local (Hope, ME) Raw Honey. [^Consciously Wildcrafted. *Certified Organic]

Suggested use: 1 tbsp in 1oz water 1-2 times/day, in a favorite cocktail/herbal mocktail, or blended into homemade salad dressing. Shake well before use. Sediment is natural.


Following the gale winds of autumn and winter which tumble through the landscape, pine boughs large and small can be found as we wend our way through the forest. Buffeted from the tops of the trees that tower above us, they have silently converted sunlight to sugar and sinew and supported the feathery Barred owls that hoot and purr from perches aloft.

When to reach for Pine:

Pine supports the vitality of the immune and respiratory systems. It is an ancient symbol across cultures of longevity and spiritual protection. Naturally occurring essential oils of pine help to support the respiratory tract and relieve congestion. Pine needles can help to fortify the immune system as a great source of Vitamin C. Both deepening to the breath and invigorating, this elixir is a wonderful companion to seasonal transitions. *

 *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Please refer to our Herbal Disclaimer for more information. This page can be found via the menu above.

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