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Mossy Rock Farm

Soothe & Repair Salve

Soothe & Repair Salve

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Official product photo coming soon! This is a 1oz salve in a glass jar.

Calendula flower (Calendula officinalis), Plantain leaf^ (Plantago major), Pine Resin^ (Pinus strobus), Olive oil*, Jojoba oil*, & local Beeswax.

1oz External use only. *Certified Organic ^Consciously Wildcrafted


Calendula’s vibrant orange flowers bloom from June until our first hard frost in the fall. We gather the resin-rich young blooms every few days throughout the season. This small intricate flower is a powerful healer in the same way it quietly builds and opens new blooms day after day and splashes sunshine throughout the garden.

Leaves of plantain grow lush and wild in a corner of old pasture space and around our stacks of firewood. A simple beauty and a prolific presence on the edge-places where the soil is a little more packed down and a little more coarse. We have been inspired to learn many ways that this plant supports the body.

Wending our way through the woods, we hand-gather pine resin. Gently lifting the globules that have run down the outer bark of various pine trees. Exuded to heal a tree’s wound, we are careful not to leave the tree vulnerable, only removing resin that has formed droplets or a tiny rivulet below the source. We carefully warm, infuse and filter this resin to reveal its rich clear amber quality.

Pine is an ancient symbol across cultures of longevity and spiritual protection. Its resin is traditionally regarded for its soothing, protective, and healing properties on the skin.

When to reach for this Salve:

Calming to areas of inflammation, irritation, and itching. Skin nourishing with lymphatic support, antiseptic properties, wound healing, and scar repair.

This preparation makes a wonderful athlete’s balm by reducing friction and irritation on the skin surface during vigorous activity. 

Ideal Storage Range: 50-80F

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