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Mossy Rock Farm

Key Lime Pine Whipped Body Butter

Key Lime Pine Whipped Body Butter

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Key Lime Pine Whipped Body Butter

4oz (packed by volume). Jojoba Oil*, Coconut Oil*^, Shea Butter*^, Mango Butter*, Kokum Butter, Pomegranate Seed Oil*, Wildcrafted Pine Resin, essential oil of Rosemary* and Lime Peel* [*Certified Organic, ^Fair Trade Certified]

Suggested use: apply generously to wet/damp skin directly after bathing.


Wending our way through the woods, we hand-gather pine resin. Gently lifting the globules that have run down the outer bark of various pine trees. Exuded to heal a tree’s wound, we are careful not to leave the tree vulnerable, only removing resin that has formed droplets or a tiny rivulet below the source. We carefully heat and filter this resin to reveal its rich clear amber quality.

Pine is an ancient symbol across cultures of longevity and spiritual protection. Its resin is traditionally regarded for its soothing, protective, and healing properties on the skin. Our original recipe of nourishing natural oils and butters complement the mighty Pine’s resin in this nutritive blend. Hand whipped for a light smooth texture that melts on the skin.

Lightly scented with essential oils. 

Ideal Storage Range: 50-75F

External use only.


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